Google Webmaster Tools Explained

If you are doing SEO for your website and if you are interested in google optimization. Webmasters tools is something you cannot ignore. Today we are going to look at it deeply and you have to promise me to pay real close attention today as you will have greater understanding of google’s search engine if you play close attention to google webmaster tools.

Google webmasters is a set of tools which is developed with one basic aim in mind and that is to help webmasters optimize their website. Yet sometimes it is often ignored by even expert web masters a mistake that surly after going through today’s lesson we are not going to commit again.

In order to access the webmasters account let us go to google webmasters by going to the following Url.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters

Sign in to the Webmaster Tools using your gmail username and password. You can list all you site in one place. If you have more than one website. Given in the right hand side is  the “Add button” from which you can add websites in the home page of webmaster. As shown below.

Manage Sites

Managing Sites

When we have added our website we can just click on it to manage it. The first thing we will see is the crawl status in the search. The crawl status shows us the status of google crawler. It tells us how many pages of our website it has indexed. It also shows in the green if it has faced any problem in fetching our data and whether it has faced any errors. All the three DNS, Server Connectivity and Robets.txt should be marked with green in case there are no problems as shown below.

Dns Status


The search appearance contains information about

Structured Data

Data Highlighter

HTML Improvements and


We have already discussed in my previous article how we can improve our search results using meta data. So we will not be spending our time in explaining each item. But it is necessary to know that structured data gives a graphical representation of the data items used in the website and if there are any errors. It is shown here. Whereas Data highlighter uses tags for tagging meta data and HTML Improvements are suggestions that can be implemented to improve the HTML of our website. We have already discussed meta deta in detail so we will not be covering other resources too in this article.

So let us jump to  Search Traffic. Search Traffic gives an overall progress of your website. It show how many queries have been made and how many click has been made to your website.



Search Queries

This is very useful as it can also tell us how slight changes are reflected in our websites. And how many queries were clicked. The next option gives links to our website. This is useful for showing which websites are linked with us and are providing us backlinks. Manual Actions are usually blank unless there are some special actions required by you to be done.

The Google Index Tells us 3 important things

Index status

Content Keywords

Remove Url’s

The Remove Url’s require is used when we want to remove any webpage address from our website and is usually left alone. But both the other options require a closer look on our part as they are important.

  1. Index Status: It shows the index of a website and you can know that which are the url’s which are indexed by google from your website. If you find some filename missing or not shown in the index then check your content for duplications. The advanced option shows Url’s blocked by Robots etc.
  2. The Second section deals with the content keywords. It helps you to know which keywords are used and what is their significance. It is a place to analyze that which keywords are used most often and which keywords should be focused more.

In crawl there is one section which is very important to us web masters and that is sitemap. Sitemaps are xml files which contains the details of all the files used in our website. So we need to submit a sitemap depending upon the frequency of our changes to the website.


Sitemap Index

In order to submit a sitemap. Just press the Add Sitemap button given on the right side of your screen. You will be asked to enter the path name of your xml file. Usually it is on the root. Be sure to refresh the screen after submitting the sitemap. Check again a few days and your new sitemap will be updated. If you are a regular blog writer then I would like you to suggest it to you to submit your website (if you have written a blog recently) much more frequently

There is one last thing in other resources (since we have looked already at metadata) and that is page speed insights.  Just click on pagespeed insights and you will see a screen which should be similar to this.


Website Speed

Here you can type your website url and then press analyze and you can see the speed of your website with some suggestions on how can you increase the speed of your website.


Website Speed

As you can see that it shows the speed of the website for both the mobile and desktop devices and suggest on how we can increase the speed of our website. Usually it involves minimizing javascript ,css, images.

Webmaster tools can help us a lot to keep track of our website and its progress. You will also find that the more you follow the webmaster tools the faster your website gets crawled by spiders and it is a much better user experience.

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Understanding Off-page SEO Optimization

In the previous article I talked about on-page optimization. In today’s article we are going to take a look at off-page optimization. It is a process by which we build the reputation of our website (web pages) from the outside. Naturally we have to do more work since we have to submit our websites to different search engines, directories, article writing directories etc. But one thing that we should always keep in our minds is that we need constant efforts in this process to reach the top and stay there.

This blog has many articles which teaches you how to build backlinks just search for them. So instead we will take a look at some other aspects which you should be really familiar with.


If you do not know about Alexa. I would be really surprised and it is high time that you did hear about this website. It shows the traffic coming to your website and the more traffic you get the more detailed its statistics began to show. The lesser is your score in Alexa the more popular your website is. Google has a alexa rank of 1. If you have not claimed your website in Alexa I  advise you to do so as it also gives a backlink to your website and alexa has a high page rank of 9. There is lot of information that can be gathered from Alexa like it shows traffic from different countries in percentage, it shows the page views and the amount spend by users on your website etc. Just go to Alexa[dot]com. A screen similar to the one shown below appears.


Alexa Search

In the search box just type your domain name and press the search button. If you have not claimed your website. Claim it now. Why did I tell you this because alexa is not only an analytics site but it is also a search engine. You can also search alexa on the basis of keywords. Sites with good alexa rank can be looked for link building and studying that from where are their links coming.

You can also submit your website to as it the largest humanly edited directory in the world. There is no guarantee that it will list your website but there is always a chance that it might. If you are ready to spend some money then you can also get your website listed in the yahoo directory.

When you type  you will see the following screen.


Dmoz Directory

Choose the appropriate category where you want to list your website and go to it. Note that the directories run deep in dmoz and it might take you some time. Be sure that you have chosen the right category. Click suggest site from the top as seen in the figure below


Submit to Dmoz

On pressing Suggest Url we will be presented with the following form fields that we have to fill and submit.


Dmoz Submit Form

1)Url of the website

2) Title of your website

3) Description

4) Email id (Give a proper email id)

Fill the captcha and your work is done.

There are certain things to keep in mind. In order to increase the chances of getting your website accepted in dmoz try to give simple descriptions while describing your website. Do not put too many marketing words but try to explain simply what your site can do.

You then should write an article and submit to the top article directories (Given in this blog). Content marketing is a must now days as google has made it more important for SEO purposes. You can also announce your new website in Press Releases.

You can then use Feed Burner for creating RSS Feed. Go to if you have a google account just long and burn your feed. It is capable of creating the RSS feed from your website or blog.

As these steps are very simple. I am not explaining them in detail. If somebody of you has a problem do not hesitate to ask for help.

We should do one more thing with our website. That is add google analytics as we need a clear real time analysis of our website’s traffic. For this you have to create a google analytics account. Remember to create different accounts for your sub-domains. Google provides a snippet of code for each website which you can paste on the pages you would like to be analyzed. Sign and create a account using

You might ask me why do we need google analytics when we have alexa itself to give us statistics of our website. The reason is simple Google analytics gives you much more detailed data and with the introduction of some more new features. It has become very detailed. Alexa begins to get better with more and more traffic.

Today we looked at many important basic things in search engine optimization. If you want to do more I think the detailed tutorial on traffic strategies will do you good. So just read it in my previous blog.

Tomorrow we will try to cover webmaster tools of google. We will dive in greater details on how google webmaster tools can help us improve and give power to our SEO Techniques. Till then have fun.

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Understanding SEO

In this article let us try for understanding SEO and its Processes at least the essential ones.

Why do we need SEO?

Many people all over the world are searching for different things over the internet. They find what they are looking for through search engines when searching for different keywords. The process of optimizing your sites so you can be noticed by search engines is called SEO.  However it is not as simple as it sounds because with so many websites competing against each other it becomes really tough to push your website to the top.

Each Search engine has its own algorithm to rank websites based on a lot of factors. Like

a)      The Keywords Used.

b)      Content

c)       Links

d)      Reputation

e)      Social Media Reputation

f)       The Structure of the website

g)      Reach and Accessibility of the site etc

There is a growing need of experts in SEO because SEO is based on certain principles and the inner workings of these search engines is known only to people who have a lot of experience in dealing with them. My aim has always been to let people know about it as much as they could so that we all have a fair chance of competition. But there are certain tools and certain areas where only an experienced person can guide you. Anyways starting from today I will tell you about some of the common practices and processes of SEO. By no means can they replace the experts.

The optimization of a website can be divided into

a) On-page Optimization and

b) Off-page Optimization

Simply on-page optimization involves techniques which can be applied on the web pages which are to be shown to the people who are searching on the internet. Off-page optimization means making changes outside the website. It involves a lot of work like submitting your website to search engines, directories, improving your social media presence etc.

There are many search engines out there some of them are automated by machines whereas some search engines try to sort websites by using humans. There is one factor that can affect any search engine ranking effectively and that is traffic.  Google being the largest search engine in the world grabs the attention of most of the users.


Google Search

Since we will be dealing with only the SEO processes let us take a brief look at some design factors which your website or blog should pay attention to.

  1. Your deign should use as little Flash as possible. As most of your web pages are read as text
  2. The navigation of the site should be easy to use. Keep the font of your text clear and visible.
  3. You should try to put more text in your website in proportion of the overall code.
  4. Try to give meaningful and related names to your web files.

With this 4 rules defined now let us began our SEO process.

The most important aspect of SEO is keywords research and optimization. Different pages of your website should be optimized for different keyword related to you main topic.

Picking proper keywords: This the most crucial step of your SEO campaign. There are many ways to look at this approach. You can use google adwords for this process.  An easier method is to use googlemine’s keyword tool. It is at you can just enter the top sites of google for a particular keyword and it pulls all the keywords used by these sites.

When you are picking keywords do not pick very competitive keywords. Choose keywords which are getting traffic in middle. Do not pick those keywords which have very low competition. As you need visitors to your website.

Pick at least 15-20 keywords for your niche. I know in the beginning there will be many keywords. But you have to pick only the ones which are most appealing and near to your niche and which are generating decent visitors. Remember we have to optimize only 4-5 pages in the beginning.

Formation of meta tags for your pages: I have discussed this before. So just read the article from here

Just keep in mind that for a single  page which we will be optimizing for only one keyword. The keyword should be present in title, description and keywords tag. Although keywords tag is completely ignored by google. You might decide to keep it if you are targeting for other search engines. You can know about the length and some important meta tags in the above blog I have pointed out.


Code Content

Optimizing Images:

Images in your site are very important for the  visitors as they attract attention even before words. Images also effect the speed of loading of your website so be sure to optimize them. There are many good image optimization software available including photoshop.

Images also have some attribute or properties. Two of them are

a)      Alt Tag

b)      Title Tag

Earlier it was a good practice to exploit these tags and fill them with keywords. In today’s SEO it is considered a bad practice. You should fill the Alt tag and the Title Tag with meaningful words. Imagine what would you like the image to read if it was not showing the picture. Do not leave them blank but also do not fill them with keywords unless it is required.

Analyzing Content:

Do not stuff your content with keywords but always pay attention to keyword density. Keyword density can be easily calculated by

Keyword Density=(No of keywords/total words) * 100

Make sure your keyword density is less than 6%. ( In fact I would advice it to be less than 4%).  When you specify the headings make sure that <H1> heading is specified only once. Also do not overdo headings.

These are just on-page optimization techniques. Tomorrow we will be dealing with the off-page optimization techniques.

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How Links can improve your Google Ranking

Google ranks website by following 2 important criteria

1)      Content of the pages

2)      Links

If we give much attention to these for our keywords we will start ranking well in search engines. We have to constantly look for link making opportunities as well as pay proper attention to our keywords. The best way to get links is analyze our competition and discover from where are they getting their links. Also we will also have to make it a practice to write content regularly. Just form a routine and stick to it.

Google measures your site by how many links are going to it.  The best way to make links is to share your content with social bookmarking websites. A whole list of backlinks for different social bookmarking website, video sites, document sharing sites etc is already given in this blog just search for it that can make your reputation and rankings rise in search engines.

Search engines not only check the links which are coming from a source but what are the sources so instead of making lot of links we should focus our attentions to quality link building.

Speed of Link Building:

While building your links always make sure that you are not building your links too fast. Google will penalize you for it if you do so. Just slow down on your link building. That is why I said that it has become more important than ever to build links with quality websites.

How to identify Quality Websites:

Whenever I talk to people about how quality websites. The natural reaction to look for High PR websites. PR is quite different from site rank. Have you seen that most of the websites that are on top does not have many links and page rank is another factor which is not that very important the only thing that is important is the number of views a particular website is getting. So Try to sort out websites on the basis of traffic. Search engines give much more preference to websites which are getting traffic then sites which are not getting any visitors. The page rank is an algorithm by which it is determined which page is getting the most links. You can alter you page rank by making changes in the internal structure of your links and page positioning.

The Main Purpose:

The main purpose of your website is to generate views and search engines is very effective media for it. But it is not the only way. You can grab the attention of search engines not only by SEO but various traffic generating strategies. For example you can publish a free E-book and distribute it from your website. It will also increase your backlinks as you will be promoting your book into many sources. ( This is just an example) there are many other similar ways. Best one is to go to and run our software daily (For direct Visitors).


Content Marketing is a much more effective media because through it you get the best of many worlds. Content can be converted into pdf. And submitted to  document submitting sites and also videos. So there are many ways to market the same thing.

Keep Mixing it all up:

Whatever you do never give search engines a pattern. Always follow a different strategy and try out what works best for you. After yesterday’s long article of around 3000 words (Read it and you might learn a lot from it) I intended to make this small. So be regular in your content writing but when applying different strategies be sure to apply different things.

The top 10 backlinks from portfolio sites

Ok once again I am giving you top 10 backlinks of portfolio websites by which you can further increase your backlinks easily. As these sites lets you showcase your work. You can also get lot of views. Here is the list of the top 10 portfolio websites by PR and Alexa Rankings. Try to submit your profile to them for getting good backlinks.

1. It has a page rank of 8. It lets you create your own website sadly but it provides a nofollow link. Yet you can just create your own site here. It has hight alexa rank of 236.

2. : The good news is that it creates a do follow link of your website or blog. This is good site to register to. Page Rank (7) and global alexa rank of 673.

3. : Another site where you can showcase your work. It could be anything you have created like a website design or a blog design or some image. It has different plans which you can take. It has page rank of 5  and alexa rank of 166,334

4. : You can add your external links and showcase your profile. Page rank of 5 and 61,738.

5. : It has a page rank of 5 and alexa rank of 87,523 do not forget to create your profile here.


Portfolio Sites

6. : Page rank of 5 again. They let you post your website link but sadly it is text only. Also they offer social media integration which is a good thing. Join them to showcase your products or projects. It has an alexa rank of 348,900.

7. : You can create your portfolio here. Page rank of 4 and alexa rankings of 908,053 when last checked.

8. : Page rank of 4 and Alexa rankings of 63,982 it is good site to join.

9. : Alexa rank of 143,669 and page rank of 4. Be sure to make a portfolio on this website

10. : Page rank of 1. It has a low page rank and an alexa rank of 2,177,079  yet it was quite popular once.

Joining to these sites can boost your website’s position. These site also create a little traffic on your website or blog depending upon the quality of work. So try to join them. Always try to create a complete profile as incomplete profiles become active very soon. Give your photograph and showcase the kind of work you do. Each Link opens in a new window.

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Page Optimization for Google

Google is a search engine which almost everybody is obsessed with. Whatever google says becomes a law in internet marketing. Even though its algorithm is not the most perfect. It comes quite close.

Lately it has become like a football which needs constant content instead of air. To be in the game you need to keep on pumping it otherwise you cannot play the game. The problem is that everyone is looking for top rankings in google and so people are pumping it with content without realizing that it is actually conversion you should look for instead of rankings. As an SEO Expert I have been asked one question many times. “My Website today ranks at the 8th page of Google. Can you help me bring it at the first page ?.”  People who ask me for advice say that they have read all about SEO and optimized their website according to it but it still does not seem to work for them. So in today’s article let me explain to you how to optimize your website according to SEO.

It is Page Optimization that matters: Google sees your website as pages so instead of modifying the whole website try to optimize it page by page. And also see what is working for you. Trying to optimize the whole website at once (if you are not an expert) could also result in your ranking going further down. Ok so let us look at some real important factors in page optimization for google.

1. Look at Visitor Conversion: Whenever you are choosing keywords for a page to be optimized. Keep this very important fact in your mind that the keyword(s) you have chosen has the power to convert well. Traffic and actual conversion are two different things. Most of the keywords that people choose are those that people think that the maximum traffic will come from.

Most people look at google adwords for keywords. It is good tool no doubt but most of the time looking at it you will not be able to get the proper keywords for your page. An important factor to consider is the number of advertisers for a particular keyword. If many people are giving advertisements for a keyword. It is safe to assume that these keywords are converting well.

2. Check at google’s cache: Google Cache could give you a lot of information about the how your keywords appear to keywords and much more. Mainly

a) How does your page look according to google. Also it is advisable to look at the text version of google’s page because it is how the search engine will read it.

b) What is the frequency at which the cache is refreshed. If it is updating very late than you need to update the page contents frequently. Submit your sitemap more regularly to search engines.

c) Write a blog more frequently as google will re-index your pages more quickly.

3) Study your Competition: This is a very important step many seem to completely ignore it. Studying about your competition can let you discover ways why the competitor’s page is ranking higher than yours. Study the keywords, the references, the use of images and tags. Ask yourself what is it that google is ranking this page so high over others.


Google News

4) Multiply your efforts : As you go to the top of google. You began to realize that it becomes a little harder. So you must increase your efforts like link building, frequency of articles, testimonials, increasing your social circle.

5) Do a Link Exchange between the pages. If you have a high ranking page link it with the other page you want to attain high ranking with.

6) Ping your page after you have made the changes. You can use pingomatic for it. Others need to know that you have updated your website or blog.

7) Be consistent with your links: Try to maintain a uniform link structure all through your website. I personally prefer using absolute links.

8) Use Google Webmasters and check your site for traffic, links, errors and speed.

9) Understand very clearly that page rank is different from site rank. Many of the website rank well in search engines in spite of their lower page ranks. So do not put too much attention on page rank. A good page rank simply means that this website can be trusted more.

10) Try to also put some metadata on your pages. Google is promoting the use of metadata so it might be a good idea to classify your content and images accordingly.

These are just some of the tips that come to my mind while designing your pages for SEO. I have left out some common factors like keeping in mind the title, description meta tags. Also content analysis in terms of keyword density. It is always better to write your content and try to write the content naturally.

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Social Media Simplified

What actually is social media? To put it simply it is a means of communicating online. Out of the so many ways out there then why is it that social media is so hot.

If you are a newcomer and just opened up your new blog or website or you can even be somebody who has tried your hand in this field and say it is for the masters. Let me explain social media to you in as simple words as possible.

With so many social sites and each coming out each day a user is really confused at start about how he/she can be popular and on which social site. There is facebook, there is twitter and google plus and many more social sites.

The basic problem is that we do not question that what do we really want? We just see our friend and people following social media websites and we blindly follow them. So please take a moment and think about what you really want?  Digg is a very good social media website if you are looking for sports. Similarly while google plus appeal more to people with serious business in mind whereas facebook attracts youngsters more. Now before you start jumping on me let me say that success stories are everyone but if you are told to stand on a tall building and watch from there and then evaluate these social sites how would you see them or under which category will you classify them.

So ultimately it is you who have to decide my advice to you is to follow any of the social media which you like but do not join too many social sites at once. When you build your reputation by concentrating on fewer social sites you will soon find that you are catching attention of other social sites also.

So choose a social site which appeals to you and then create your profile. When you do so make sure that you choose a valid avtaar instead of the default ones. People usually do not tend to pay too much attention to the default ones. Secondly when you think of a name do not try to put false names either give your or company name as who you are will matter once you have large number of friends. Try to give links to your website and blog whenever possible.

Whenever you are joining a community always introduce yourself to others and always try to be interested in what others are posting. Not only will this give you knowledge of the hot topics but will also make you popular if you decide to give honest opinions.

Always try to help other users by your suggestions or ask relevant questions soon you will be a valuable part of the community you join.

Social sites are also very addictive and if you have found an interest in them then before long you will be spending lot of your time with them. And soon you will discover that it is a very profitable habit too.

late work cartoon

Extra Work

When you become good with any one of the social media your social status is raised a level more than it was before. Many of your new found friends or people whom you know might be sharing other social media sites too they might be able to help you. I have found it a very good practice to ask them for help and believe me there are lots and lots of cool people who might help you by going out of the way. I had just met a person through social media and he liked my articles so much that he tweeted it to all his friends bringing lot of visits to my website. But are we going ahead of ourselves. Here are some of the benefits of social media in terms of your website’s traffic and reputation.

When you join these sites people began to read your articles and your views. They also visit your website or your products and if you are really honest and good in what you do people will visit your website often and even tell their friends about it. So the main benefit of social media is that it easily links you and your business to the world. When people began to visit your website you began to get traffic and your site’s position and reputation also grows in the eyes of search engines.

This traffic will continue to grow if you take active participation in the group you have joined and continue to visit others as they visit you.

So my dear friends and readers if you are so far not participating actively in the social groups now is the time to take action. The stage is all set for you now and who knows you may be tomorrow’s social media star.

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30 ways to accelerate traffic

we are going to dwell upon some of the highly recommended ways to bring visitors to your website. Choose ways which suit well to your business because it is the ultimate goal of any business online.

1. Unique Content: The best way to attract visitors to your website is to constantly update your website with unique and original content. If there is one thing that drives people on your site it is original ideas and fresh content. Now rich content does not mean that you sprinkle your content with just keywords but with rich and related content so people can be interested.

2. Choose a Domain Name for your site which is easy to remember: I find many people choosing long domain names and how successful they are ? Do not be fooled by them google ranks according to content and quality and not by domain name and if a domain is easy and memorable people will come to you.

3. .com website domain are still the best: Which is easier to read .com or .net. Most people will agree that it is .com. Many new domains are coming each month but still I prefer .com if I were to choose a domain name. Why because it is more recognizable and using it makes sense to me in business because generally it is used more often.

4. Images are another area where you can apply ALT tags but instead of giving it name of your keywords give them related names. Using ALT tags used to work in the past but google has now seen through it and it may actually appreciate your efforts in giving proper names.

5. Keyword Research: This is the most important part for traffic but most of the people go through it as if they have already mastered it. Keywords should be chosen so that the competition is medium and they are most suitable to describe your business. So spend much time in deciding proper keywords.

6. Often the title of the page is the most important as it is the first thing that attracts user attention. So learn to pay attention to your titles, make them short and eye catching. Your visitors will start multiplying.

7. Submit your site to directories for links but do not submit to those who put your link in their directories only when you agree to put their links in yours. Such type of exchange is really not healthy now days especially google scanning your links.

8. Search for local and small directories in your niche for listing and submit your site to them.

9. You can publish some articles on your site and ask others to publish them on theirs for free. It will get you some visits.

10. Try publishing a newsletter to get attention. If your content is good people will like receiving newsletters from you.

List cartoon

Short List


11. Use testimonials in your site. It builds trust and reputation with buyers.

12.Write press releases. Whenever you have a new product or event in your company. The best way to gain attention is to release a press release and not to mention the PR Boost.

13. Write a blog to generate traffic. If you are not writing it already.

14.Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.

15. Use Google Webmasters and identify broken links and remove them. Google webmaster can also help you in speeding your sites.

16. Use reliable web hosting. Often many sites have suffered in terms of ranking and position because of a bad web host. So take hosting from reputed hosts only

17.You can also make changes in your internal links. As page rank can be boosted by making proper changes in your internal link structure. Just discover which pages you want to get most importance and try to give them many links as compared to other less used pages.

18. Choose an affiliate program. You can sell much more faster and easier.

19. Write a FREE E-book or Report. Do not forget to mail them your subscribers. Also search in the internet as there are plenty of document and pdf sharing sites.

20. Expand your social circle: Google Plus, Facebook, twitter they have plenty of scope for making your social circle large. Just spend some time.

21. Establish your authorship with google. Remember I am telling you again. If you haven’t already done it.

22. Add helpful and good comments to other blogs.

23. Advertise to classified sites.

24. Create your own community in google plus. You are free to join our community SEODT

25. If you have more than one site advertise then it will be good if you can advertise your sites in each other.

26. Post your videos to Youtube and other video channels

27. Join and look for freelancer sites even if you are not a freelancer you can create your profile on some of them for backlinks.

28. Make a software and give it from your site. It will make people come to you and make you popular. If you have made something useful.

29. To get visitors submit your audio to audio sites or make info graphics etc

30. When designing a site take care of other devices too so people using them can visit you.

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Are you dancing to google’s tune ?

Google the leader in search engines has started to thrust its dominance over website and site owners. It could be well argued that google does not force you to join them and it is your wish if you would like to appear in their search engine. But then the alternative is to be left out in searches from the biggest search engine.

Google lovers will say that google has become better with their new algorithm and if we write content for many months daily and give google plenty of time of our life we have a chance to rank well and be dropped in rankings when we stop writing.  Amazingly people are content with it.

Let us see what has changed and how we are all dancing to Google’s tune .

  1. In a process to stop link farms google has given birth to social farms. Now you see many sites which offer twitter followers, facebook likes and they are doing quite well only the name from links to social shares has changed
  2. In a process to stop paid links it has given birth to followers exchange. Many people are selling followers and likes or Google Plus
  3. It has started to realize that people are looking for information and the only information that it could think of is a long article or content. Good sites have started to drop whereas sites which accept blog writers have began to get on top of google.
  4. True it is looking for much quality in their content and are dropping sites which I had predicted earlier that they will do. But then sites which cannot employ writers and are very small and new have a long and steep road to follow. Either pay to google adwords or walk alone.
  5. Slowly google has started to dominate more and more probably it wants to be the only company in the world and does not want others to be on top. It has already started challenging facebook with google plus.

Google Laughing

I cannot really believe that what so many intelligent people in google are thinking. They should create much more intelligent algorithms than this. In order to control spam they are creating much more spam.

They were appreciating guest posting but were quick to shut it down because of spam. They allowed people to create content after content and then they decided no they do not want it anymore and want fresh and original articles to feed their big mouth. One day they might declare we do not accept sites without blogs. People are already selling their writing skill one day we might have to proof that only google licensed authors can write content. Everything is possible with google. If they can make people their writing slaves.

It does not mean that I am against google: I have seen them change their algorithms so many times that I am really annoyed with them and a little sad because if this continues google will destroy itself.

Let us Analyze the weakness of search engines

  1. They have to show their results and so they cannot hide how their algorithm works.
  2. They have to dominate the web and cannot continue a particular trend for long
  3. There can never be a perfect algorithm as the stronger algorithm they develop the more people will be able to discover holes in it.
  4. Every pattern can be traced and discovered and so can content be and then what will google do. It has exploited every other option.

The Criteria of rating a website is all wrong:

Imagine if you have opened a newly designed website. Now in order to get visibility in search engines you have to first write content, make yourself popular socially, perform SEO on your website and then you have to also get great backlinks. And if you are lucky after trying for a few months your website might be visible. Now if you look at the process and ask why does google want the site owners or creators  to go through this process the answer will come to you. What does google actually want?

1)      Either search for a few months in google and submit it content

2)      Either pay them through google adwords, youtube Ads and many more google networks etc.

The choice:Unfortunately there is not much choice for people over the years we all have given it too much power to google so we have to dance to Google’s tune.

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