10 ways to increase traffic to your blog

List of 10 ways for increasing traffic to your blog

You have started a new blog or have an old blog on which you want to increase website traffic but do not seem to find a way to do that then this article is for you. These are ways used be expert bloggers to bring their blogs to limelight. Here I will show you ways on how to submit your blog to search engines, blog directories and blog commentaries. But first let us clear the Basic.

The Basics of a good blog: A blog cannot survive out there with so many blogs and each written new day without having something different and unique in it. So let us see what you should do to

1) Write good content:  How do you write good content? There are two ways to go around it

a) Write your own content if you are knowledgeable about something

b) Let others write your content.

But whatever you do make sure that your articles are interesting enough to be read by people. Do not copy the same stuff again and again but find something creative and interesting to write.

2) Make sure that you sprinkle your articles with interesting headings: A story well began is generally a story which becomes great. You headings define the overall content of your articles.

3) Make sure that your articles are spread into points or well formed paragraph: One other way to make your articles is to insert images. When you are inserting images be extra careful that these are images used by you or are not copyrighted.  One good source of free images is a website called (freedigitalphotos.net)

Ok with that out of the way let us first look at some of the search engines of blogs. Now for those who have heard the term first time and are surprised and are wondering is there search engines for blogs. Yes there are search engines for blogs and what these search engines do is keep a collection of quality blogs. You will be wise to submit your blogs in these as these will enhance the reputation of your blogs.  All of these links will open in new window.

blog fun

Blogs Everywhere

4) Blog Search Engines:  Submit your website blog or blog feed to these engines.

a) Blog Digger : It is basically an RSS Search Engine. It gathers content from the Rss Feed and make it available for searching.

b) Google Blog Search : Google is too big a force to ignore. If you are not listed here than you are missing traffic in a large way.

c) Plazoo : With a collection of thousands of blogs it is very famous search engine. It is RSS feed search engine. So be sure to submit your website in here.

d) Read a Blog : Do not miss to submit your blog here. It is very easy to submit.

e) Technorati : Now this is the king of all blog Search Engines. It is very high PR search engine and its blogs are indexed very fast. These should be enough reasons to submit your blog here. It usually takes a week time for your blog to be published here but it is well worth the effort.

5)  Blog Directories: There are many blog directories. Listing your blogs in directories will really help you in search engine placements and bringing visitors to your website. Some of the important ones are

a) Globe of blogs : Globe of Blogs as the name suggests consists of blogs and blogs from the world over. Submit your blog in its directory.

b) Blog Catalog : Sites are listed by category and you have to select the proper category to be included.

c) Blog Top List : This is also a very popular directory to submit your blog to.

d) Blogo rama : This is a free directory which will let you submit your blog after creating your account.

e) Blogs : It says it is the best in blogs. Well I will not go to that extent but it is worth submitting your website here.

Finally there are also blog communities where you can visit other blogs and people can also visit and talk about your blogs. Here are some of these.

6) Blog Communities: Here are the top blog communities.

a)  Blog Carnival : Here blogs are carnival and you can create your own. You can create your own following.

b)  Fuel My Blog : One of the best ways to gain popularity but you have to make the efforts. Make friends and follow other blogs.

c)  Spicy Page : As the name suggests the other community votes for your blog. Create quality content which will get you more votes.

7)  Social Sites: Social sites play a vital part in spreading the popularity of a blog. So you will be very wise if you have installed and placed social widgets on your blog. One of very popular such widgets is (Add this). You can also install your own social buttons if you are a technical person but I find it easy this way.

8) Making Comments on other blogs: This is also a very good way to spread your blog post. Try to leave links for other blogers so that they can visit your blog. Spread the word.

9) Letting Others comment: Do not block comments. This is something which will stop all inputs coming to you about your blog. I know there will be spam comments block them with passwords or other means but try to leave comments open.

10) This is the last tip and also the most important one which most people ignore. Whenever you write and article. Leave your name and website link in the end. The reason this does not appear important for people is that they are creating a link to themselves but internal links do count.

These are just pointers in giving your blog the traffic and popularity or the necessary backlinks but you have to keep one thing in mind that is to write content that is interesting or useful to people. You cannot be popular if you just believe in submission and are not regular in writing.

So Happy writing and happy blogging and lots of traffic.

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