core traffic strategies – Day 2

If your are following this tutorial from the start then you would have already written your blog and wondering what we have in the core traffic strategies for day 2. Today we are going to dive into something very interesting and enjoyable. And the good thing about is that you can do it alternatively or every 3 days but you have to stick to a pattern and follow it. So grab a cup of coffee and let us go

So the 2nd core traffic strategy is

Make Videos

It is a well know fact that video brings traffic. So you have to commit yourself to make and post a video every 3 days. It is pretty easy to make a video and the only thing you need is a headphone with mike and your imagination. You have to make a schedule of committing yourself to make videos every three days or daily whatever you prefer but you have to be constant to increase website traffic.

The best place to make a video and submit it is youtube. Now here are some tips for making a video which can bring traffic to your website.

1.    Make a channel where you will be posting your videos in youtube.
2.    There are three things where you should put your keywords
a)    The title of the video
b)    Description
c)    Tags or keywords

Make sure that you put your main keyword in the three places. I will advice you to put it also in the fourth place and that is the video itself as videos are read by google.
3.    Use voice as videos with voice attracts more attention then videos which are silent. Also if you could put music and a little style in it then it is going to be better.
4.    Make it interesting and you may shout at me that how am I supposed to do it. It is pretty easy as you have lots of videos to guide you on the same term (keyword). Just pick some of the top videos and see how they are presenting according to the views. Do not look at the first 3 to 5 videos as they may have been advertised but look below them and the likes and views will tell you a lot about the video.
5.    Always put your url in the top of description. Since youtube hides description after a few words. It is always better to put your URL on top. For Example.

Visit my blog (Your Blog URL) for traffic and SEO tutorials. This is a place where…etc

So (Your Blog URL) Will have the actual url of your website and at the top where everyone viewing the video can click.

6.    See the results of the video which you have posted in a month and compare the results with each other. It will give you a pretty good idea that which video attracted the most views. Try to improve on it.

Posting your video to other websites

Besides youtube there are other sites for posting video. I had already shown it to you in one of my previous blog.

So submit your video to these top 10 sites every 3 days.

Teaching traffic strategies

Smile now

The work so far: Ok so you are submitting one blog everyday and posting it to other blog sites. You are also now going to submit a video every 3 days (or everyday) to the video sites including youtube. And if you are wondering how this is going to help you in getting traffic or if you have already done it before and it did not work. It will work this time why? Because you were not doing it constantly or you did not have a pattern. You did not have anybody watching over what you were doing. Now you have the perfect pattern and also I am helping and teaching you with more than 12 years of experience in SEO and web Design. You cannot go wrong. So smile and stop wondering. Just do as I say and I will take you there.

This is all folks today. Now you have to work in making your video and your blog. If anyone of you who is facing any problems in following the blue print let me know. You can just email me and I will be happy to answer your queries. I could have written all this in one page but I want this system to gradually fit into your lifestyle. And increase website traffic naturally and easily.

Tomorrow we are going to look at Day-3. For now do not let that coffee get cold.

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