Day 9: Review of the traffic strategies

As promised we are going to analyze what you have achieved by following me from day one.

If you are following me regularly you have

  1. Written at least 8 blogs
  2. Submitted at least 2 videos
  3. Optimized your website for Speed and taken care of the basic SEO.
  4. Submitted your blogs to blog search engines
  5. Get acquainted with the major social sites
  6. Submitting your website to top bookmarking sites
  7.  Created some instant backlinks
  8. Registered to at least 4 major forums
  9. Made pdf of your blog articles and submitted to major document websites
  10. Started submitting your article to the top article directories.

Winner !

You have created some valid powerful backlinks and you can expand on them further. We began from zero and now we have at least 60-70 backlinks. Now you can expand further by looking and searching for more of the top websites where you can get powerful links. Following some sort of submission routine but changing it frequently as not to give some pattern to search engines.  Search engines award genuine efforts and you can already see it in only eight tutorials.

One more strategy: There is one more strategy I would like you to follow and that is email marketing. If you are not using email marketing to promote your products, services or website you are missing at least 20% of the profits. You need the power of people in your marketing efforts and email marketing is one way to strengthen that power.

Email marketing is a process by which spending very little money you can gain a lot of clients. You need some tools to make it work for you and take the pain out of the whole process.

Advertising websites: Also you can popularize your website or blog by submitting to advertising websites. These sites bring visitors to your website and are another way for creating traffic.

Submitting by these powerful methods increases traffic on your website and enhances your position in search engines.

There are also other ways like link exchange and social exchange. My advice is to all of you is this if you are going for links exchange then exchange link with sites who share similar interests with you, So if you have a website which deals with travel. You can try exchanging links with other travel agents or travel companies. Also do not indulge in illegal links exchange. There are many seo masters who suggest you to pay money to high ranking sites in order to gain high rankings. While this strategy used to work fine in the past but following it today can have very dangerous side effects as some of the websites discovered it recently and their page rank dropped from PR6 to PR1.

Social exchanges are again a bad idea if you are just exchanging links without any benefit. The real links make people visit your website and sometimes too many social links without actually getting any real visits can trigger the red spots in google. So try to build your traffic naturally on social sites.

In these nine days we touched on different core traffic strategies. We will be discussing the various tools on day 10 where we will be dealing with different SEO services and some of the most powerful tools that can make your job of submission easier and fun. We will be seeing the next day from your perspective as we will be discussing.

1)      People who could not pay and are content in following the hard way and are looking for free tools.

2)      People who could give away with their coke or burger once in a month and believe in saving time and looking for better tools that can make the submission work easy.

3)      People who have money and can invest small amount of money monthly in order to leave all the SEO work to experts.

See you on the 10th lesson of this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

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