Gradual SEO to increase traffic

2014 is going to be the year when SEO experts have to work hard and it is going to be the year of Gradual SEO. Gradual SEO means that you have to improve site rankings and increase traffic slowly on your website. If you are too fast big daddy is going to slap you hard. When everyone wants fast results and the first position in Google for their chosen keywords they have to realize that SEO has to take its own time. Let us understand why we have to go slow and the whole process in detail and also the methods by which we could succeed.

Page Rank

Google has not updated its Page Rank: All those who rely on Page Rank are already worried that why google is not updating its PR. The reason is simple they are bringing some changes in the whole PR System. Be careful where you submit your website to is my advice.


It is already starting to pick duplicate content and authority is going to be the main factor in ranking content based sites. So submit content which is original and you have knowledge of. Authority comes with knowledge.


Since google is keeping a close eye on your submissions and backlinks to get traffic. Too much submission can harm your reputation instead of building it.

Gradual SEO

Gradual SEO

Gradual SEO

Gradual SEO starts when you have a detailed plan of slowly improving the rankings, reputation and position of your website for the chosen keywords. When people see large submission lists they go crazy and start submitting to all the websites. Whenever you are submitting always keep in mind to see the traffic that website is getting and check for the site’s authority. These are the following steps which should be applied. A good resource for improving your backlinks is this website itself.

  1. Pick Reputed Sites of each category  Blog submission sites, Article submission sites, Directory Listing, Video and document sharing sites, Social Websites.  (I believe that the magic number of 10 should be good for each category) and expert SEO person know what I am talking about.
  2. Form a solid plan: Be regular in your submission but always follow a different pattern. For example if you are submitting daily make it every 3 days and work on off page optimization of your website. Since different website have different requirement for different keywords you have to make your own pattern.
  3. Try to create links naturally: Paid links are a big mistake in 2014 so try to avoid them or wait at least till google decides to update its PR.
  4. While long keywords are the buzz these days and many SEO experts will sing a song in its praise. Long keywords is like saying I do not like competition but completion is which makes SEO interesting and rewarding and without competition there would be very less traffic.  Also Gradual SEO means building reputation for the right keywords.
  5. Study your competitors and google: See why google ranks certain sites and how can you can outdo them.
  6. Do not take too many projects at the same time if you are a SEO professional: Work on fewer website you will do better. I have said “No” many times to clients when I am working on different website or project.
  7. Dominate Social Sites: Be active socially as it enhances your reputation.

I know gradual SEO takes time and it takes a little longer to build traffic but by using it on your website your website will also remain at the top longer increasing traffic and reputation with google.

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