Speeding Up your website to increase traffic

It is a well known fact that a website which opens up fast gets more page views and visitors visit the website longer which increases daily time on site and reduces bounce back. Not only that a website that is speedy and takes less time to load is also preferred by search engines as it is much more easier to crawl. Let us speed up our websites by following the simple points and increase traffic to your website.

1.    Optimizing Images and videos: If you want to know that how images and videos can influence the speed of your website. Find out how much the entire text of your website occupy and how much space is taken by the videos and images. Optimizing them can greatly improve the speed of your websites.
a)    Optimizing Images: The best program to optimize your images is photoshop. It does not matter which version you are using. Just open your image file in photoshop and click save for web. Now on the right hand side you can see various option of saving your file in png, jpg, gif etc. Choose either jpg if your image is not transparent or png for transparent images and choose quality.  If low quality does not affect the quality of your images too much this is the best option to choose as you are optimizing the images but if you are not satisfied by the quality then choose medium. You can also see the difference in sizes below the screen as shown in the figure below. This is the best method to optimize images.

optimizing images

Optimizing images in Photoshop

b)    Optimizing Videos: When you are creating videos through windows or through some other video making software. Optimize your videos when you are saving the videos. If your video does not provide HD support save it for normal screen instead of wide screen. When saving your video choose save for performance. Some video websites already optimize the video while uploading. If you are uploading your videos to youtubbe then choose the share option and choose embed to get the code and embed it in your website as it is just code in text it will not take much space.
2.    Optimizing Css files: You can choose minify css and there are many online sites to do that simply type minfy css in google. Always save your original css file before minifying your css file. This process removes extra spaces and optimizes your css so that it takes less space. It will greatly reduce the loading time of your website as all website pages will be using this file.
3.    Optimizing Js files: You can also optimize js files through the same process as described above for css files. Just search for minify js in google. Also try to avoid external js files as much as you can if possible try to store all java script files in a separate directory on your website where the site it hosted. True that it will cost you a little bit of space but fetching external java scripts from external websites takes time and slows your website
4.    Looking for missing or bad links: This will not affect the speed of your website however it can increase the speed of the web crawlers. Look for your website for links with 404 error if you have specified it or look for the missing content by checking the links of your website.
5.    Using google to find out optimizing errors: Goto your webmaster tools and go to the speed check offered by google webmasters tool that is why I tell everyone to have a webmasters account and include your website there.  Choose your website and then go to other resources and then goto pageSpeed insights. Google will tell you how fast is your website and what to do to improve the speed. (Webmasters->choose site->other resources->pagespeed Insights)
By improving your page speed you will be making your website faster and faster websites get more attention of the visitors. Search engines find it easier to crawl and index your website faster. So increase traffic on your website by optimizing it for speed.

Author: Saurabh Gupta(safame20@gmail.com)

Website: http://www.xowned.com

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