Top 10 document submitting sites by PR

Increase your backlinks and website traffic by document submission

In this article let me discuss the top document submitting sites many of these sites will create your profile and give you a chance to add your website URL. Others will simply download your document file. Write something interesting and people will read it. Give a link of your website or blog inside the document you are submitting thereby increasing your traffic.

Some things to keep in mind: While I agree they are not very effective in building website traffic unless you have many places to share your documents submission can be an effective strategy for building few visitors and backlinks. While submitting to these keep sites in mind that you do not spam them as they are fast to remove you from their index. Also Write interesting articles do not copy and paste other articles as google is now awake after its long sleep and coming very hard on duplicate content.

These are the following 10 document linking websites: Here I have excluded some websites like edocr because they impose a limit of the 5 documents which can be downloaded. I have also excluded sites which accept only powerpoint submissions like authorstream and empress. You can search for these sites if you want to submit to them. Here is the list of the top 10 document submitting websites.

Document Sharing sites by PR

Document Sharing Sites

1. (PR9): With a page rank of 9 and an alexa ranking of 494 (when last checked) you would be very impressed but sometimes impression could be wrong. As it creates a nofollow backlink that is why it has a zero seo value. But still a good place to share your documents and get some viewers. It has got one other feature which is not found in other websites that is it makes your document into a nice book where you can view the document by flipping its pages. It charges $5 for printing.

2. (PR8):- This is a great site for submitting your documents as you can get lot of visitors depending upon the quality of your submission. Another good thing is that you can create your profile here and submit a link of your website.

3. (PR8): You can create your profile and add your website but sadly it is a nofollow links so have no SEO value. You can easily upload your documents.

4. (PR7): Docstoc is another good site for submitting your documents. Besides creating your profile you can also earn from this website by associating with your adwords account. I have found submitting to this and scribd brings you the maximum visitors as compared to the other websites.

5. (PR7): A very decent site but will not bring you visitors by itself. You can share your document from the website. Can Create a profile and can put your website URL in it. It can get you a dofollow backlink. So do join this website.

6. (PR7): The good thing is you can create your account profile and submit your documents. The bad thing about this site is they do not create a direct backling but create your website link through redirection. Still a top document submission website.

7. (PR6): The good thing is that you could put your files or videos into separate folders but alas there is no direct link unless you pay.

8. (PR6): Mediafire needs no introduction. It create your link but sadly shows it as a text link. A feature I really liked in this site is that you can download their API interface and use it in your applications.

9. (PR5):  Although they let you create your profile and let you add your website link in a textbox where they show your profile is still a mystery to me. Anyway they let you add your documents easily. They will also let you import your contact from gmail or yahoo but I advice you against it for security reasons. A pretty decent document submission website.

10. (PR5): Get a direct dofollow link from this document sharing website. You can also give separate link for your blog (if you have one). Good site and good SEO value.

This Completes my discussion of the document sharing resources. This time I have added some nofollow websites in this article to show you how the big PR sites which are trusted the world over do not trust you. Also there was one reason for adding them because these sites are so much trusted it can bring you some views if not any difference in site positioning.

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