Top 10 social bookmarking Websites backlink resources

List of Top 10 Social Bookmarking website

In this article we will be dealing the practical aspects of building our backlink resources. As discussed in my previous article. Social Bookmarking websites are very important in building our backlinks and improving our website or blogs position in search engines.  In order to be listed in these sites you have to create bookmarks and provide your website as a link to be bookmarked.

The top 20 social bookmarking websites are

bookmarking sites

Bookmarking websites

1. : This is a PR9 site. Add your pins and create followers. This is the top of the bookmarking social site.

2. : With under construction of its beta version dig is the top social bookmarking website. Join it by using google,facebook or your twitter account. Submit your story. This has got PR8.

3. This is one of the best sites and it has been around a while. It is a PR8 Website

4. : This site needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular bookmarking sites and it has a high PR value of 8

5. : Just create your account and add links. This is again a high page rank site of 8. So do not forget to add your links.

6. : Just create your account and start adding your bookmarks. You have a choice to keep your bookmarks or share with others. This website is PR7

7. :  Do not promote commercial links is their policy unless you pay them money. At a PR of 7 this is a site where you could add your non commercial links.

8. : Again a very important bookmarking social site. Add your website links. PR7

9. : Add your links here. The good thing I like about this website is that as soon as you put your link. Most of the information is picked from the web link itself. It has got PR7.

10.  : is the Twitter application you will use if you want to share your images in real-time. Your website becomes free of ad as soon as you join with your twitter account. It is PR6 website.

Join or find sites which you would like to join and bookmark your links to. Whenever you add a new blog or write a new article it is advised to add your link to these site as it will increase your backlinks and improve your website listing and search position.

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